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Special Services

Matted Coats

Our groomer will gladly groom  your pet that has an aversion to the grooming process. She can also care for your hardcoated terrier.

Dematting is time consuming and tedious. Work with our groomer to schedule suitable grooming intervals to avoid this situation. Some matted coats cannot be recovered and require clipping for the welfare of the pet. This can also be time consuming and tedious.

Difficult Animals

Handling a combative animal requires patience and skill. Our groomer is expert at retraining dogs that have an aversion to the grooming process. Recovery can take as little as a few sessions or up to several years. Many factors can affect the progress, consultations' regarding other influences to help these pets is provided


Our groomer is skilled at handstripping. This technique is appropriate maintenance for wirehaired and hardcoated terriers. Some mixed breed dogs and sporting dogs can benefit from this technique also.

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