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The Paw Print offers careful pet skin and coat care. A well maintained coat will repel dirt and staining, it will resist matting and collecting debris.

Basic Groom is a thorough bathing with an appropriate high quality product. Special attention is given to the face, feet and sanitary area. Careful hand drying of the coat follows, your pet is never dried in a cage. Nails are trimmed and filed, as tolerated by the pet. Finally any stray hairs around the feet and eyes will be trimmed. This service is recommended for short to medium coated dogs of all sizes.

A Haircut Groom includes all of the features of the Basic Groom, in addition it includes complete shaping of the body coat, headpiece, feet and sanitary trim. Careful removal of excessive hair of the ears is also included in this service.​

Keeping your pet smelling clean and fresh sometimes calls for advanced grooming techniques. Handstripping and carding are appropriate, healthy methods of maintaining many dogs' skin and coat. A condition commonly seen on clippered terrier breeds and crosses that produces an acne like rash along the back and rump can often be eliminated by applying one or more of these methods. 

Sporting breeds can also benefit from skilled carding or layer stripping of a profuse, curly or fluffy coat.



Do not bring your fleas to the groomer. Fleas are a dangerous parasite and can spread parasites and disease of their own. Consult your veterinarian for appropriate treatment of your pet prior to arriving. Pets with fleas will be refused.


Scheduling an appointment

Planning an appropriate interval for grooming your pet and scheduling ahead is the best way to receive timely grooming service.   






Please take a moment to review our 'Policies' page. We are happy to address any of your concerns.

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