The Back Alley Groomer

Located In The Alley Behind 
Verite Art Glass 
11 S Main Street Oberlin 44074

Wouldn't it be nice for your special buddy to have a truly personal grooming experience, with someone not motivated by quotas? 


 Over the past 25 plus years our groomer has competed successfully in Grooming Tournaments and Dog Sports. She was a pioneer in the Mobile Pet Grooming Industry. That experience combined with solid and ongoing education and behavior studies have led to the introduction of 

                                                           The Back Alley Groomer in Oberlin.

Your pet will be personally and thoughtfully groomed in a private studio without the harshness associated with a shop/kennel environment. We practice detail and careful handling.

This unique opportunity is tucked In The Alley Behind Verite Art Glass, 11 S Main Street in Oberlin, a delightful historic city located just 22 minutes from Great Northern Boulevard. Your pets' grooming session is a perfect time to explore by foot, by bike or by car the eclectic shops, restaurants and architecture located in and around Oberlin. Cyclists can enjoy a pleasant ride on the 15+ mile paved bike path while their furry friend is being groomed. Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music, Oberlin Heritage Center, so many artists and interesting people make up the Oberlin area.

The Back Alley Groomer is currently taking reservations for private grooming sessions. All available grooming sessions are held Weekdays from 9am with the last session starting at 3:30.  We are available to groom housedogs up to 30 pounds and housecats. 


Some pet owners would like to be present for their pet's grooming session. This is not discouraged. Please bring something quiet to do while your little friend is being groomed. Owners who stay should understand that occasionally the pet is excited by the owners presence. Your pet and their groomer must stay focused on each other. Resist the urge to engage your pet during the grooming session. During this time of Covid19 please do not include more than the necessary people with you. Masks required

It is imperative for the grooming environment to feel calm and secure. Children must be quiet and calm. Please note that during this time of Covid19 please do no include children.

Upon arrival take time to let your pet relieve outside the building. Always pick up after your dog or let us know we will tend to it.

Grooming Session Fees are $80.oo per hour with a one hour minimum. Small Pets are generally groomed in 1-1 1/4 hours. 18-30 pound Pets are generally groomed in 1-1 1/2 hours. Some heavy coated animals or pets that have an aversion to the grooming process can take up to 2 hours.

Please review the rest of our website then call or text to make arrangements for your special housepet. Do not message thru facebook. The Paw Print Policies apply.

                                      The Business of The Paw Print is Conducted Up to a Standard

                                                                        Not Down to a Price